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CoinGorilla would like to address a serious topic for a moment, and one that is an intrinsic part of the gaming industry that should be taken into account by all: the importance of responsible gaming. There are several areas that are important to us when it comes to this. As well as running an exciting website for adults, it is our responsibility to remind gamers that:

1.    Gaming is for Entertainment

  • Online gaming is for fun, and leisure, and should be nothing more than a form of entertainment. As such, it should be treated this way by all gamers. This means that it should be managed properly, and never used as a way to deal with grief, loss, or mental health issues. We want everyone to come to the ‘CoinGorilla” for the right reasons: to have fun.
  • To this end, gaming must be affordable. Gamers should only spend what they can afford and never put their livelihood or assets at risk. They must also be aware of their odds and chances to win prizes. Spending a considerable amount of money is the best policy for all of our gamers to undertake when investing in this form of entertainment.

2.    Customers are Treated Fairly

  • It is one of our chief goals to make sure that our customers are treated fairly. To this end, we have put barriers in place to prevent illegal behaviors, such as age restrictions and other limitations. Moreover, we also aim to ensure that the vulnerable are protected from exploitation. One such way that we do this is through our advertising and marketing endeavors, in which we comply with the local standards of operation.
  • All of our employees are trained in these issues of fairness. Our team members receive extensive training on gambling issues. Moreover, they receive opportunities for further relevant training.

3. Gaming is Not Used for Crime or Disorder

  • It is also our responsibility to ensure that gaming is not used as a source of crime and/or disorder. We aim to ensure a fair and open gaming service for all and to protect children and other vulnerable persons from the previously mentioned harm of exploitation.
  • For this purpose, we have imposed age restrictions, which all of our gaming products are subject to. We integrate age verification mechanics into our website, ensuring that they are followed for compliance. Software is also integrated where appropriate.
  • The use of dishonest information by players regarding their age will forfeit their right to prizes and winnings. Authorities will be informed and they run the risk of criminal prosecution.

With all this said, we refer you to our initial declarative of this website: its purpose is leisure, entertainment, and fun. In this manner, dive in, enjoy our games, and have a good time on our website!

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