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Founded in 2005, Reddit is among the most popular discussion and social news aggregation sites in the United States and globally. Thousands of people gather on this platform to share content, participate in discussions, and find information on various topics. Of course, crypto enthusiasts are some of the most active on Reddit. 

Through Reddit’s individual communities, known as subreddits, focused on cryptocurrencies, users are always up to date with the trends in this industry. Considering the volatility of these assets, we would say that such a practice is beneficial. Today, you can follow and contribute your opinions to dozens of subreddits. In this guide, we’ll cover the best crypto subreddits. 

Why is Using Crypto Subreddits a Good Idea? 

There are several reasons why crypto enthusiasts use subreddits. For example, the best among them allows you to enter discussions, share your experiences, and ask for advice. The sense of community they create is irreplaceable. 

Unlike specialized sites for cryptocurrency news and reviews, the subreddits are used mainly by real users who share information without hidden intentions. 

Subreddits allow you to get news about the latest features, updates, and crypto-related news. Through their users, they also promise fast problem-solving because they have literally thousands of active users at almost any time of the day. 

Often, these subreddits also include tutorials, guides, and FAQs, with the help of which users get to know all aspects and features of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. We’ve mentioned a few reasons why using crypto subreddits is a good idea. Below, you can find them summarized: 

  • Community engagement 
  • Real user experiences 
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest trends 
  • Quick problem resolution 
  • Access to tutorials and guides 

And now, it’s time to analyze the best subreddits.  

r/bitcoin – Biggest Bitcoin Community on Reddit 

Although many cryptocurrencies have become popular lately, we can all agree that Bitcoin remains the king of crypto. Therefore, if you want to stay up to date with the happenings in this industry, you should follow at least one subreddit related to this coin. 

r/bitcoin represents the largest Bitcoin community on Reddit. Founded in September 2010, it is only about a year and a half younger than Bitcoin (initially released in January 2009). This subreddit has about 5.9 million users, mainly from the US and other countries. 

All these users have followed the ups and downs of Bitcoin over the years. In some key moments, such as the unexpected growth of this cryptocurrency at the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, this subreddit was one of the most visited sources of information. 

Its also important to note that there are two main rooms – r/Bitcoin General and r/Bitcoin Price Talks. You can draw your own conclusion as to what these rooms are used for based on their names. The Price Talks room is particularly interesting because you can find experienced members who predict the rise or fall of the value of Bitcoin based on relevant research. 

Either way, no matter what room you’re in or whether you’re browsing the main section of this subreddit, you can be sure to find helpful information. In-depth analyses are fundamental, but we should note that advice for complete beginners in this field is available there. From what we have seen, we can conclude that the most active users are friendly to new users who are eager to learn something new. 

To enrich the experience, there are also posts with memes. It turns out that crypto enthusiasts, especially those who have chosen Reddit as a platform for sharing opinions, have a keen sense of humor. Some of the Bitcoin memes shared here are going viral. 

In the section next to Posts, you’ll also find sections related to resources, podcasts, and other Bitcoin sites. As always, you can sort posts by Hot, New, Top, and Rising. Another interesting fact is that this subreddit had about 3,400 active users, even though we looked at it in the early morning hours according to the Eastern Time Zone. After all, that’s why r/Bitcoin is among the Top 1% of subreddits on Reddit in terms of size. 

r/CryptoCurrency – Biggest Crypto Subreddit Overall 

We have already established that Bitcoin is not only the oldest but also the most popular cryptocurrency. However, public interest in other cryptocurrencies (also known as altcoins) has grown significantly over the past few years. People are looking for detailed information about each option, from Litecoin and Ethereum to Thron and hundreds of other coins and tokens. 

That was one of the reasons why a group of Reddit users formed the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit. This subreddit is not as old as the one devoted to Bitcoin. It was founded in 2013. However, it is the largest crypto subreddit overall, with 7 million members. At the time we reviewed it, there were 7,800 online users. 

Users and visitors to this subreddit come here primarily because they find it a relevant and reliable source of information. So, here you can find breaking news from this growing industry and market analyses. 

With the help of ten moderators, this subreddit fights fake news. In other words, they are extremely focused on blocking bad behavior and manipulative info. Since there are many scammers and speculators who want to make a dishonest profit from creep users, this is an essential practice. 

In this section of Reddit, users can discuss all types of tokens, as well as existing and new blockchain projects. Of course, most posts are crypto-related discussions, but there are at least a few fresh topics with general news. 

Of particular benefit to visitors is the daily crypto discussion, which is apparently renewed daily. Unlike r/Bitcoin, you can find four sections at the top next to the posts: Moons, Our Network, Wiki, and Dimitra Tech. Moons is an attractive section because it shares information about Moons ERC-20 tokens created by Reddit admins. 

r/btc – Top Technical Bitcoin Subreddit 

If you know something about cryptocurrencies, you surely know that BTC is actually an abbreviation for Bitcoin. From this fact, you can conclude that Reddit allows the creation of multiple subreddits focused on the same topic. However, there are some differences between this and the subreddit with the full name of the most popular cryptocurrency. 

Like r/Bitcoin, r/btc was founded at the beginning of the crypto revolution – in May 2011. According to the founders, this subreddit was launched due to the censoring and banning of r/Bitcoin users. Its goal is a free and open crypto discussion with a particular emphasis on Bitcoin. 

However, we have different information in that regard, including those claiming that r/btc is more closed and strict than the original Bitcoin subreddit. Anyway, this is a respectable subreddit with over 1.1 million users. This time, they are not called “members” as in the other two cases but “readers.” We can conclude from what we have read that the differences are exclusively of a semantic nature. 

r/btc encourages more technical discussions, although the topics we’ve seen are more or less similar to what you’ll find on r/Bitcoin. Beginners are welcome, but the key role is given to experienced crypto enthusiasts who are always ready to share their opinions. Interestingly, in addition to BTC, you will also find BTC Cash discussions here. 

There is a separate section with detailed information about this subreddit. There are also helpful sections that share places where you can buy Bitcoin, create a wallet, or spend this cryptocurrency. There are also additional resources that you may find beneficial. 

Unlike other subreddits, r/btc seems to be trying to create and maintain a specific crypto culture. As the founders and moderators themselves say, their goal is to leave valuable information related to Bitcoin for future generations.