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Even though forums were active long before the first cryptocurrency appeared (Bitcoin in 2009), this doesn’t mean there are no specialized ones focused on exactly crypto. On the contrary, today, numerous forums are devoted to cryptocurrencies, and it feels like this scene has been revitalized because of the crypto. With the help of these web-based discussion platforms, registered users can engage in discussions, ask questions, share information, and receive the latest news related to the crypto industry. 

Typically, forums are organized into categories and topics, and users post messages in relevant threads. Here, there is a conversation between members who reply to the original thread with their comments or contribute to the general discussion. 

Considering that there are dozens of crypto forums, we decided to research the most visited ones and form a list of the best ones. 

Why Joining a Crypto Forum is Useful? 

Honestly, the situation with online forums is not the same as it was 15-20 years ago. With the advent of social media, the popularity of forums declined. Many believe that social networks provide faster access to information. 

However, crypto forums, like online forums in general, are still helpful. For example, unlike social networks, where millions have access, crypto forums are usually visited only by people with a genuine interest in cryptocurrency. In other words, you will find the latest information from relevant sources here. 

Although members usually have a hidden identity, you can quickly check their previous posts and determine if they are knowledgeable about these topics. It’s a good thing that many of these forums do not have a system of ranking the popularity of certain members. Otherwise, some members may unjustifiably start influencing others because they have more likes on their posts. 

In any case, we can conclude that joining a crypto forum is beneficial for several reasons. This move and activity will help you find answers to questions related to Bitcoin and altcoins, share your thoughts on the topic, read exciting ideas, and finally – become part of a community. 

Bitcoin Forum – Best Bitcoin Forum 

You know what you can expect from a forum with a name like this. However, it should be noted that Bitcoin Forum is not exclusively focused on Bitcoin. There is also a separate section dedicated to Altcoins. 

Bitcoin Forum was founded in 2011, about two years after Bitcoin appeared. Interestingly, in the first year, only 51 topics were opened on this crypto forum. Continued growth then begins to reach more than 8,500 topics in 2023. 

Currently, Bitcoin Forum has over 27,500 registered members, making it one of the largest sites of its kind, at least as far as this topic is concerned. From what we have seen, an average of about 8,000 online users visit the site daily. This means there is a huge interest in looking at the discussions and participating in them. 

What makes Bitcoin Forum the best forum for the most popular cryptocurrency is the quality of the discussions that take place. There are a huge number of experienced users who are willing to share their experiences and knowledge with others. The forum is divided into several sections: Community, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Business, Bitcoin Others, Bitcoin International, and Altcoins. 

The Bitcoin section is particularly interesting. That’s where you can find a section on the latest news and mining tips. There is also a subsection for beginners with tips for starting your Bitcoin journey. The Bitcoin Business section is an excellent source of information for people who want to create eCommerce, gambling, or gaming businesses with this cryptocurrency or simply want to buy or sell Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin Garden Forum – Best Quality Bitcoin Forum 

Next on the list is the Bitcoin Garden Forum, another place on the internet where you can discuss or review information regarding the Bitcoin scene. The first thing you’ll notice (provided you’ve visited the Bitcoin Forum before) is that both forums use the same template. 

The Bitcoin Garden Forum was founded in 2013, which means it’s a bit newer than the previous forum we looked at. However, it is a discussion site with more than ten years of experience. 

What we noticed is that there are more members. Specifically, there are currently over 35,000 registered members. However, that doesn’t mean you can expect more activity. On the contrary, it averages around 1,000 active members per day. It can also be noted that the number of new topics has been declining in the last four years. 

Even though the number of new threads has decreased, the existing ones get new replies, and the quality of the threads makes them timeless, so you shouldn’t judge the Bitcoin Garden Forum by these statistics alone. 

Although it has Bitcoin in the name, the sections of this forum are about cryptocurrencies in general. Specifically, we have the following sections: Cryptocurrencies, Soft Discussion & Support, Local Cryptocurrency Discussion (discussions in specific languages), as well as crypto earning, products, services & tools. 

There are many helpful threads for beginners. These threads contain detailed information about entering the crypto world, mining, trading, and using Bitcoin and altcoins. The moderators take their work seriously, confirmed by high-quality posts and the instant removal of low-quality discussions.  

Beermoney – A Slice of Crypto

Beermoney started working in 2016. Unlike other forums on this list, this site has a different concept. Namely, it’s not exclusively a crypto forum but a forum dedicated to making money online. For this purpose, separate forums cover various topics, including a Bitcoin/Crypto forum. 

This platform has more than 287,000 members and is far bigger than the rest (excluding BitcoinTalk, as it was built around Bitcoin and not general crypto discussion). That’s why many mark it as the biggest crypto forum. While writing this guide, we saw over 28,000 threads and over 300,000 messages published by registered members. 

Several of these threads are pinned by the administration itself and provide access to valuable Bitcoin-related information such as analysis of the best wallets, guides to buying crypto with debit/credit cards, and a comprehensive analysis of what exactly Bitcoin is. 

In addition, there are subforums and threads for almost all known crypto tokens and blockchains. Maybe the design is less user-friendly than the other options, but you will get used to it quickly. You can sort threads by latest updates, popularity, date, unanswered, or unsolved. Of course, you can also search for threads by their title. Overall, it is an extensive crypto forum with great activity and coverage of all relevant topics.