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When browsing CoinGorilla you will notice widgets, links, or other adverts are featured in places across our website. This is because we are affiliates of those websites and companies, meaning that if you click those links and play those products online, we will get a commission and a return for directing new traffic to them.

This is an element that we wish to be open and honest about. Some websites are less than likely to disclose this to their users, but not us. This is because we are pleased to work with our affiliations, as they allow us to do many things, such as the following.

1.    Earn monetary value

Not only does this form of website monetization allow us to stay up and running and keep our staff employed, fed, and clothed by CoinGorilla, but it also makes our website the best that it can be. CoinGorilla is first and foremost an entertainment platform, and having this level of income allows us to constantly improve our product and make it even more of a thrill for our gamers.

2.    Limit the use of ads

It also allows us to limit the amount of space taken up by annoying, blatant ads that do not function but blot the page up with irrelevant banners. This is the kind of advertisement that we want to avoid.

3.    Put our gamers first

At CoinGorilla we believe in putting our gamers above all else. Any on-site links to our affiliates are websites that we believe in and would recommend. It is not our policy to plug any and every product for monetary gain, as we believe this approach would lessen the user experience and our product as a whole. In this regard, our gamers are free to hold their opinions of any of our affiliates. These do not reflect the opinions of the CoinGorilla management and employees.

It is also important to note that CoinGorilla is not owned by any of the affiliates listed on our website, nor do we own them. We are supported by our sponsors, advertisers, and subscribers, and wish to return the favor.

CoinGorilla is an independently and independently owned company. We promote news, reviews, statistics, and other content related to the gaming industry. To this, we wish to bring our readers accurate, entertaining, and relevant information about the industry. Our content is generated with the broad latitude of the online gaming consumer in mind and aims to do so objectively, and through our dedicated staff of writers, designers, and admin teams.